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Aaron’s and Andy’s Story

A pair of brothers who came to us, Aaron* and Andy, aged 7 & 8 respectively during their time at Sunbeam Place, our residential home.

Before they were referred to us, both Aaron and Andy came from a happy family with a loving father who worked hard to provide for the family. Despite his shift job with odd hours, their Dad always made time for his two young boys often taking them out for meals and even took them out for jetty fishing when the boys did well in school.

Things changed dramatically overnight when their Dad met with an accident. When he returned from the hospital, he was never the same again. Aaron and Andy were too young to understand at that point of time that their father had a serious brain injury that caused him to be easily irritable. He lost his job due to the accident and as a result, the family’s financial situation became very strained as the bills for the home and the medical stay began to pile up. This caused the family to break apart. The children’s mother gradually became alcoholic, and eventually left the house.

With the stress slowly building up, their father was no longer able to control his emotions and often took it out on his boys by choking or whipping them with a belt. Aaron and Andy were confused and at a loss at how their family has fallen apart. They wondered what they have done wrong and longed for those happy times with their Dad. Unfortunately, the abuse became more aggressive and frequent and that’s when their grandmother decided to step in and seek help from the school and they were eventually referred to us.

The two brothers initially came to Sunbeam Place displaying aggressive behavior and would often get into fights, be verbally abusive to the staffs who were trying to reach out to them and were not motivated to learn or attend school.

But over time and guidance of our social workers, they slowly recovered from their physical and emotional distress and are slowly adjusting back to a normal life. Aaron and Andy are just two of the many kids Singapore Children’s Society reaches out to.

During these years that they’ve been with us, grandmother would visit the boys every weekend and even bringing them home on weekends when she didn’t have to work. The children’s father’s health continues to deteriorate and has eventually lost his house and is now staying in a nursing home, where he receives the due medical attention.

Aaron and Andy are aged 10 and 11 now. Grandmother shuttles between both homes visiting both his son and his grandsons, and tries to keep whatever is left of the family intact.

*Aaron’s and Andy’s name have been changed to protect their identity.

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