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A collaboration between One Alliance and Da Little Group fundraised $14, 168 for Singapore Children’s Society

July 10, 2019

A few months ago, two companies came together and approached Singapore Children’s Society with an idea in mind ­— to organise a family carnival fundraiser and adopt Children’s Society as the main beneficiary. After months of liaising and planning, the event connected about 400 people, including 30 sponsors, 60 staff members and 37 volunteers, raising a total of $ 14, 168. The fundraising mechanisms included car wash services, food and games booths, auction of paintings, and even a volunteer who provided professional haircut services. All proceeds raised were donated to Singapore Children’s Society.

Although it takes time and effort to plan a fundraiser, I think that more corporates should be involved. For an ad-hoc fundraiser, the only commitment needed is to set a date and the rest will follow through. It feels great to be able to contribute to the society with what I can do.” - Mr Sky Cheng, Associate Financial Services Manager, One Alliance

We believe that by being more involved, we are able to better understand the challenges faced by our community. A more hands-on approach also allows for more effective charity work. By participating in charity work, employees can realise that their company cares about the society. More importantly, this would help to foster a strong sense of belonging amongst the community.” –Ms Eileen Yeo, CEO, Da Little Group

As an independent charity, Singapore Children’s Society continuously look for corporate partners to work and collaborate together. In 2018, the Society received support from 1,844 corporate donors through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagements, fundraisers, and generous donations.

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