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Featured Company: The Little Flower At The End Of The Rainbow

July 1, 2010

Even small enterprises came forward for help...

As a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Ray Lee and his wife, Kathryn Tan who are the owners of The Little Flower at the end of the Rainbow had set a good example of lighting up the future of beneficiaries of Singapore Children’s Society. Located at Far East Plaza, The Little Flower at the end of the Rainbow has always being very popular among students and working executives.

With the faith that children do not deserve to suffer and they represent our future in this world, Ray shared “I like the fact Singapore Children’s Society provide care to children of all races and religions, and also comprehensive programs to attend to the different needs of the children. Singapore Children’s Society’s mission to bring relief and happiness to children in need resonate well with us.”

The business community can also help to encourage their shareholders, workers and business partners to help contribute as well, and the ripple effects can be massive.” says Ray.

“As the impact and influence of the business community on the society as a whole can be great, and most of us do spend a great deal of time at work, it is a good idea to get businesses to set a good example to the society as a whole.”

Having the intention to donate to Singapore Children’s Society, Ray browsed through our main website and came to know 1000 Enterprises for Children-In-Need initiative. Without hesitation, he donated $1,000 to be one of the Participating Enterprises in 2009 and commits the donations to us for the next three years.

“It is actually a good idea to involve business community to contribute and acknowledge their contributions. We think that this initiative is forward thinking as it helps your society to secure funds for missions in advance and the business community can do their parts to give back to the society.

Other than participating in 1000 Enterprises for Children-In-Need initiative, Ray also supported in our Walk for our Children 2010 by giving us an outright donation and arranged for a donation box to be placed in his shop.

As a retail business that are always in constant contact and interaction with many people every day, Ray finds this a good way to bring awareness of the 1000 Enterprises for Children-In-Need initiative to many people. “Our customers are mainly working adults, women who are involved in their own businesses as well. Through us, when they see that we are participating in the initiative, they do find out more from us and in this way, if they are interested, they can propose back to their superiors or participate themselves if they are owning their own businesses.” shared Ray. This will definitely helped us spread the word and encourage more corporate donors to play their part for the community.

Singapore Children’s Society sincerely expressed its heartfelt thanks to Ray and Kathryn. We wish all the best to the business of The Little Flower at the end of the Rainbow!

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